Ryu Yoshikawa Exhibition ~Wind Sound of Phantom~


June 21, 2024 - July 5, 2024 Closed Sunday

We are pleased to introduce Mr. Ryu Yoshikawa's solo show of new pieces. Mr. Yoshikawa won the Award of Excellence at 2004 Showkai Exhibition after completing the studies at Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. He studied in Florence, Italy and since the first solo show at Galarie Nichido in 2008, he has held solo shows at Galerie Nichido in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Paris as well as participating in the art fairs in Taipei and Paris, by expanding his place of work worldwide.
Mr. Yoshikawa's works are made by carefully painting colors in many layers and letting the motifs appear with lights and shadows. What is mainly painted is natural landscapes said to be the artist's own original sceneries as well as streets in Europe, which are everyday sceneries which everyone may have seen somewhere. However, such paintings expressing a grip of a subtle moment are filled with glowing lights and attracting the viewers with strong power.
His pictures give us a feeling that we might be able to touch if we reach out, and yet are beautiful and seem to be as the world in a dream. The new pieces lined up in the gallery will resonate with each viewer's internal memory and give "wind sound of phantom." Please enjoy approximately 40 pieces from large pieces of No.130 to small pieces.


Ryu Yoshikawa "Shade of Wind" Mixed Media 50S


Ryu Yoshikawa "A Dining Table in Dappled Sunlight" Mixed Media 50S


Ryu Yoshikawa "A Trait of Wind" Mixed Media 20F


Ryu Yoshikawa "To the Sky" Mixed Media 10S

June 21, 2024 - July 5, 2024 Closed Sunday
10:30 - 18:30 (Saturday: 11:00 - 18:00; Close 16:00 on the final day)

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