"Sparkle of Colors Esprit of Paris Andre Brasilier Pierre Lesieur" Galerie Nichido Main Gallery


January 12, 2022 - January 26, 2022 Closed Sundays

Brasilier, a specialist for paintings of majestic nature and animals, especially hoses and Lesieur, a lover of indoor sceneries and still objects. Brasilier after 1969 and Lesieur after 1971 held a number of solo shows in Tokyo and at Galerie Nichido, and exhibitions at the museums all over the world, attracting the hearts of many fans. At this exhibition, we will exhibit approximately 50 pieces from large paintings to small ones, fully presenting beauty of colors and glamorous esprit by the two artists.


Andre Brasilier "Vincennes Hose Race in Snow" Oil paint 15M 46x65.2cm (F21-524)


Andre Brasilier "Blue Plain" Oil paint 50P 81x116cm (F21-543)


Andre Brasilier "Boie Feu Night" Oil paint 80P 97x145.9cm (F21-542)


Pierre Lesieur "Flowers" Oil paint 30F


Pierre Lesieur "Three-sided Mirror" Oil paint 100x70cm 40 (F19-427)

January 12, 2022 - January 26, 2022 Closed Sundays
10:00-19:00 (Saturdays: 11:00-18:00; Close 17:30 on final days)

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