Exhibition of Ryo NAKANISHI -Tokyo Scenery- at the galerie nichido Tokyo


June 13 [Thur]-25 [Tue], 2019. Closed on Sundays

The changes made by moving to other places made from finding something unfamiliar or unacceptable. It can be considered as progress if we figure out the reasons why we feel the changes unacceptable, and try to open our mind to them.
Tokyo has its own existing situation. The city with full of people's own tastes handed down from the Edo period, besides the new things with the highest priorities to their convenience. There is a center of politics as well as the Imperial Court. There are memories of disasters and wars, immigrants, subcultures. It is a space where various things gathered and live.
, am not trying to find an oasis by stepping into the city, nor I selected the sceneries to be remembered by later generations. These are the fragments of Tokyo that I merely wished to paint. As I especially prefer back alleys, I do not choose to paint the Tokyo Tower just because it is famous, but always ask myself whether there is something that strikes a chord in my heart to paint. I feel honored if there is something new emerged on my paintings.


Shinobazu, oil painting, 72.7×72.7 cm


Kaminari-mon, 53.0×53.0 cm.


Nagai-zaka, 53.0 × 53.0 cm.

* The Exhibition of Ryo NAKANISHI will travel to the galerie nichido Nagoya.
July 8 [Mon] -20 [Sat] 2019.

Hours: 10am--7pm on week days/ 11am--6pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.
Open until 6pm on June 25, the final day of the exhibition.
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