Spring Exhibition: Cherry Blossoms and the Mt. Fuji 2019 at the galerie nichido Tokyo


March 1 [Fri]-18 [Mon], 2019. Closed on Sundays.

We will open an exhibition of the painting on cherry blossoms and the Mt. Fuji. There are attractive sceneries of the time of year in Japan with four seasons, and it is the cherry blossoms that have overwhelming power to catch the viewers' eyes, sometimes fleetingly, at other times magnificently. On the other hand, the great Mt. Fuji is recognized as a symbol, overlaps with an image of Japan and its nature. Around 50 leading artists of the contemporary Western paintings fully and freely tried to express these two traditional subjects grappled by many artists for a long time from the past. We also exhibit the masterpieces of the Western paintings of modern Japan, and looking forwards to meet at the galerie nichido Tokyo of a full of cherry blossoms.


Yutaka SASAKI, Yokohama Sakura Fuji, oil painting, 15.8×22.7 cm

Hours: 10am--7pm on week days/ 11am--6pm on Saturdays, Closed on Sundays For further enquiry about the exhibition, feel free to contact us. galerie nichido Tokyo Tokyo-to Chūou-ku Ginza 5-3-16 TEL: 03 (3571) 2553
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