Take a Line for a Walk


Artists|Robert Rauschenberg、Robert Courtright、Andy Warhol、Jasper Johns、Robert Morris、James Rosenquist、Robert Cumming、Susan Derges、Roni Horn、Tony Oursler、Maurizio Cattelan、Rina Banerjee、Jean-Luc Moerman、Pavel Pepperstein、JanainaTschäpe、Adam Stennett、Muntean /Rosenblum

Opening reception |2017.02.18 (Sat.) 7:00 p.m
Venue|galerie nichido Taipei (3F-2, No.57, Sec.1, Dunhua South Road, Taipei 10557, Taiwan)
Website| http://www.nichido-garo.co.jp/tw/english/exhibition/2016/10/post-5.html


“Drawing is taking a line for a walk.” - Paul Klee

Founded in 1928, galerie nichido is the first gallery in Japan to specialize in Western-style oil painting. In earlier times when transportation and information was still underdeveloped, galerie nichido played a crucial role in providing the Japanese audience with brand-new visual excitement and artistic experience. Celebrating its 90th anniversary since its foundation, galerie nichido Taipei presents “Take a Line for a Walk” as its first exhibition of the year. With works from international European and American artists, we wish to show not only the intimate and critical aspects of these artists’creative concept, but also how drawing has changed over time as a powerful means of expression.

The expression “Take a Line for a Walk” comes from Paul Klee`s words “Drawing is taking a line for a walk.”. Generally referred to as line-works, drawings are a means of expression that put emphasize mainly in the act of “drawing lines”. Sensitive and insightful, the artists catch in a glance those invisible aspects that characterize our everyday life and record them through their action using these lines as a dairy. While it can be wrongly interpreted as mere practice or exercise within the creation process, drawing could actually represent the finished art product, from scratch to its very end, of the idea/picture envisioned by the artist.

Just as Klee`s in depth research allow his works to be multifaceted and charged with emotions by the simplest lines, shapes, and colors, the artists on view also experiment on paper as a critical starting point to shape their unique concept. Some of them experiment with new materials and techniques to depict the silhouette of the world, while others record directly their inner thoughts on paper. For the artists, drawing lines is not just for the sake of “building” a picture: the action itself already shows the motivation and will. Drawing is not just a temporary stage to the final work; it is itself an actual medium that composes intimate relationships connecting the creator and the viewers in a more direct way.

By presenting representative creations as well as diary like paper works, we would like to invite viewers to take a walk through the lines of these artists and discover not only the starting point of their creation, but also the oasis that they lead us to our present day.

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