Once upon a future

Once upon a future DM 正(2).jpg

Shinya Imanishi : Light Exposed

moon light 08-1.jpg

Pin-Ling Huang - Unnamed Land

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Rotating Exploded View Diagram of Historiography

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"Curiously enough..." - A Contemporary Insight into Southeast Asia -


Janaina Tschäpe:Mapping the Undertow Under a Pale Blue Sky

Under a Pale blue sky_small.jpg

galerie nichido Taipei Winter Group Show

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Black Ships, Civilization, Remarks, and ______s’ Footprints: From Japanese Modern to East Asian Contemporary Art

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Yi-Chun Lo : Taste of Ocean


Kazuya Sakamoto: Symbiosis

Anima, 2018, oil on canvas, 162 x 130 cm_110.jpg

galerie nichido Taipei Collection Show


Winter Special Display

Farewell- small.jpg

Air Surprise: An Aerial View of Heterogeneous Landscapes in Modern and Contemporary Taiwan and Japan

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Yōga: Special Preview

j4654 フジタ 猫 1948 8F_small.jpg

A Journey Far from Home

110_Liu Chih-Hung_Road Trip.jpg


Take a Line for a Walk


Blue Bird in the Labyrinth : A Walk from Japanese Modern Art to Asia Contemporary Art Scene

協田和,青鳥,1959,油彩,45.4 x 38 cm_110px.jpg

2016.11.10 - 2016.12.29

As Small as the Universe

as small as the universe_SMALL.jpg

2016.09.10 - 2016.10.22

Foujita and the School of Paris


2016.05.21 - 2016.07.16

Remaining Sceneries


2016.03.12 - 2016.05.07

Taiwan and Japanese Masters of Modern Art


2015.10.28 – 2016.1.16

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