Janaina Tschäpe:Mapping the Undertow Under a Pale Blue Sky

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Janaina Tschäpe, Under a Pale Blue Sky, 2018, Casein and watercolor pencil on canvas, 153x205 cm

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Janaina Tschäpe:Mapping the Undertow Under a Pale Blue Sky
Exhibiting Dates | 2019. 01. 19 - 2019. 03. 09
Opening Reception | 2019. 01. 19 19:00-21:00(the artist will be present)
Exhibiting Venue | galerie nichido Taipei

galerie nichido Taipei proudly presents Mapping the Undertow Under a Pale Blue Sky, the first solo exhibition in Taiwan of renowned artist Janaina Tschäpe. nichido contemporary art has been collaborating with Janaina Tschäpe since 2003. Throughout her twenty-plus year career, Janaina Tschäpe has continued to explore, through multiple mediums, amorphous landscapes and their abundant luscious properties. Her artistry combines exquisite techniques with sensual thoughts; by using abstract visual languages, she expresses a flourishing creativity attune to earthly landscapes, ethereal female silhouettes as well as aqueous tones and biological forms. For her first solo exhibition at galerie nichido Taipei, the artist brings a series of new paintings that invites us to penetrate the existing canvas and explore the unknown scenery created by the artist .

In her practice, Tschäpe often incorporates themes of aquatic, plant and human life to suggest dreamlike, abstract landscapes that blur perceptions of illusion and reality. Referencing interests in myth, morphology and the mysteries of aquatic states, she has developed a distinctive language of abstraction in which organic forms are imbued with a remarkable quality of luminosity. Her distinctive compositions convey a sensation of movement, their biomorphic shapes and gestural marks functioning as emotive signifiers of her interior thoughts.

Her carefully nuanced canvases and drawings include imagery evocative of the natural world suggesting growth, transition and metamorphosis. Tschäpe’s paintings in particular contain innumerable layers of information accrued through the meticulous application of media including watercolor, casein, colored pencil and pastel. There exists in her work the balance between the loose, luscious forms that pervade the canvas, and the precise systems of markings that often overlay and unify these compositions. This perfect balance is like nature itself, which is also why we could always feel a dynamic tension within Janaina Tschäpe’s powerful works. galerie nichido Taipei sincerely invites you to enter this stasis space skillfully created by the artist. An arena where chaos, pain and joy could be freely unfold.

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